To help you learn more about this luxury Italian heritage brand and to guide you to the best suited products for your hand and body care requirements, browse through the many blog posts written by the Acca Kappa UK team.

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    Best Products for Delicate and Damaged Hair

    Round two on our hero product hair guides and next up is our top picks for delicate and damaged hair. A common struggle for many, see below some suggestions that are guaranteed to help leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and strong.

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  • shelf display of acca kappa fragrances

    Made-to-Share Fragrances

    What makes a scent feminine or masculine? How are some fragrances able to transcend these boundaries and have unisex appeal? With an increasingly diverse approach to gender identity in general and scent gender identity specifically, the best and simplest answer is...

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  • bike leaning against wall

    Introducing Volata Eau de Parfum

    This official fragrance of Giro d’Italia, captures the soulfulness of the ‘Bel Paese’ and the electric intensity of true grit. Founded in 1909, the Giro d’Italia (literally translating to the ‘Tour of Italy’) is one of the three most important cycling races in the world...

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