For over a century and a half now, Acca Kappa has been producing hairbrushes and fragrances, as well as haircare, body care and oral care collections. We show you the way to beauty itself, through a variety of products that take care of the body but also allow you to express your personality on a sensory level.

Choose from our luxury collections, including White Moss, Green Mandarin, 1869, Giallo Elicriso, Calycanthus, Sakura Tokyo & Barber Shop.

Signature Collections

  • Acca Kappa, White Moss Collection

    White Moss

    White Moss celebrates the Italian spring, its light, its scents and its landscapes, becoming a precious treasure trove of emotions and memories.

  • Acca Kappa, Green Mandarin Collection

    Green Mandarin

    Surrounding the body with the freshness of Mediterranean Citrus Fruits, Green Mandarin harmonises precious essences to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

  • Acca Kappa, 1869 Collection


    Aromatic, fresh and spicy. 1869 marks the birth of Acca Kappa, and so the year makes a fitting moniker for this elegant and exclusive masculine range.


La Fabbrica Della Bellezza since 1869