Made-to-Share Fragrances

Made-to-Share Fragrances

What makes a scent feminine or masculine? How are some fragrances able to transcend these boundaries and have unisex appeal? With an increasingly diverse approach to gender identity in general and scent gender identity specifically, the best and simplest answer is probably that the interpretation of a fragrance is very much in the nose of the beholder often formed by memories and cultural associations.

However, fragrances are traditionally separated into masculine and feminine categories with the ‘for him’ scents generally consisting of earthy yet fresh fougères (French for fernlike) and citrus notes, with a spicy or aromatic woody base, while the more feminine category focuses on florals, and sensual, summery sweet fruits. A unisex or made-to-share fragrance should take a little from each column, creating arguably some of the most dynamic and captivating parfum and cologne possibilities.

1. Myscent 150, Eau de Parfum

Acca Kappa Myscent 150 Eau de Parfum

Acca Kappa MyScent 150 Eau de Parfum

Created by ACCA KAPPA Managing Director, Elisa Gera Krüll, in 2019 to commemorate the 150 year anniversary of her family’s brand and its timeless values of a love for nature, respect for the human body, simplicity and beauty, MyScent is her perfumery signature. 

Described as a synergic union between two souls; one more masculine with incense and spicy oriental nuances and one more feminine with unique iris powder and sweet engaging hints of vanilla and amber, it is the quintessential made-to-share fragrance inspired by both traditionally masculine and feminine scents. Topped with a sparkling twist of fresh, bright bergamot and vetiver it is a poetic representation of the earthy freshness of a manifold garden with all its charismatic and mysterious pull.

2. White Moss, Eau de Parfum or Eau de Cologne

White Moss Eau de Parfum

White Moss, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Cologne fragrances

A perfect example of how made-to-share fragrances are often the most dynamic and captivating our easy to fall in love with, the iconic White Moss shows that the proof really is in the parfum (and in this case in the cologne too)!

Surrounding the body with the fragrance and freshness of an Italian Spring, White Moss is refined, contemporary and irresistible. With top notes of lemon, bergamot and juniper there is a delicate masculine air which meets the diverse floral heart note of lavender and sweet woods with a hint of spicy cardamom. The fragrance is seamlessly underpinned by softening, harmonious white musk, sweet amber and fresh, nostalgic cedarwood.

3. Mandarin & Green Tea, Eau de Parfum

Mandarin and Green Tea Eau de Parfum

Acca Kappa Mandarin & Green Tea Eau de Parfum

The intensity of light, the warmth of the sun and the vital energy released by the aromas of Mediterranean citrus fruits, Mandarin & Green Tea transports us  to the carefree days of sun-baked holidays which of course has a fluid appeal as does invigorating green tea, which adds depth to this fragrance.

The fresh, tangy eau de parfum is a cocktail of citrus essential oils including orange, grapefruit, mandarin and bergamot as they encounter the briskness of green tea, the results are equally bright and enchanting.

4. Green Mandarin, Eau de Cologne

Green Mandarin Eau de Parfum

Green Mandarin Eau de Cologne, the 'sunny breeze' fragrance is the perfect 'grey day' antidote

The happy, unassuming cousin of Mandarin & Green Tea, Green Mandarin Eau de Cologne is an ode to the freshness of the Mediterranean; lemon, tangerine, orange and bergamot combine with jasmine, rose and sweet musk. As with all charming made-to-share fragrances, it takes traditionally masculine citrus notes and combines with sweet florals and harmonising musk.


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