Best Products for Delicate and Damaged Hair

Best Products for Delicate and Damaged Hair

Round two on our hero product hair guides and next up is our top picks for delicate and damaged hair. A common struggle for many, see below some suggestions that are guaranteed to help leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and strong.

The Tools

Best All-Rounder: The Pneumatic Paddle Brush

Great even on wet hair, the Pneumatic Paddle brush gently detangles whilst massaging the scalp. Naturally anti-static, this brush is ideal for preparing medium to long hair for styling. A daily essential, the heat-resistant nylon pins also make it good for drying!

ACCA KAPPA Classic Paddle Brush with Pom Pins

The Classic Paddle Pom Pin Brush, made from hand-finished Kotibé wood


Best Brush for Daily Use: The Protective Brush

Made from reforested Beechwood, our Protection brush with special looped nylon bristles moves through hair easily, effectively detangling without damaging the hair’s structure. With no unnecessary pulling in sight, the natural rubber cushion absorbs and distributes pressure evenly, ensuring a more delicate brushing action on the scalp whilst still gently massaging.

Acca Kappa Beechwood Protection Hairbrush

The Protection Beechwood Brush with Looped Nylon Pins

The Products

White Moss Shampoo for Delicate Hair

Delicately nourishing and cleansing, this shampoo’s rich formula combines plant-based amino acids and vegetable keratin to help restructure and moisturise the hair. Unique in its ability to capture and transport water, vegetable keratin closely resembles hair keratin, enabling it to penetrate and moisturise the hair much more effectively than other active ingredients. Particularly suitable for delicate hair, the shampoo also contains the anti-oxidant extract witch hazel, to help soothe and protect.

White Moss Conditioner for Delicate Hair

Also employing the deeply moisturising qualities of plant-based amino acids and vegetable keratin, this conditioner is particularly suitable for delicate hair. It also contains ginseng extract to help stimulate and revitalise hair!

Acca Kappa Shampoo & Conditioner for Delicate Hair

White Moss Shampoo and Conditioner for Delicate Hair from Acca Kappa


The Treatment

White Moss Restorative Serum for Delicate Hair

Formulated with Inca (Jojoba) oil, this Restorative Fluid protects, hydrates and effectively restructures the hair. Restoring elasticity, the exceptionally nourishing fluid helps to prevent split ends and leaves hair feeling soft and silky.

ACCA KAPPA White Moss Restorative Serum for Delicate Hair

White Moss Restorative Serum for Delicate Hair, by Acca Kappa


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