Acca factory in Treviso Kappa, 19th Century

About Us

In the heart of Treviso – where history, nature and dedication to work coexist in harmony – we are committed every day to transforming our passion into art. Every brush, every perfume, every body product we produce is the result of a continuous improvement process, through which we want to combine constant research and professionalism to give life to intense emotions and unforgettable sensations. Only in this way can beauty and well-being become a form of excellence.

the Acca Kappa craftsmanship

Beauty & simplicity infused with emotion

The company has survived the devastating impacts of two world wars, it has been expropriated twice, the factory itself occupied and the Krüll family (founders of Acca Kappa) like many others suffered tragic bereavements in both wars; with sons and brothers Hans Krüll and Gunther Krüll losing their lives one after another in each war.

‘Story’ is the word used by Acca Kappa to describe itself; an Italian story of a lifestyle born of taste, culture and elegance. Fruits of a profoundly Italian art, the company has been led by generations of craftsmen with a passion for simplicity and authentic beauty; this can be seen in every item produced and in every tiny detail.

Acca Kappa courtyard Treviso

Certainly, as makers of everyday objects and lifestyle products this attention transforms things and infuses them with emotion and joy. This love of beauty seems to live in the fabric of the Acca Kappa building, a beautiful, old factory in the heart of Treviso. In the courtyard stands an elegant magnolia tree with deep green leaves and extravagant flowers; the company pays homage to this tree describing the magnolia as both witness and emblem of the dynamic of factory and family life.

Hermann Krull, founder of Acca Kappa

Our Founder

Founder Hermann Krüll is the company’s namesake, his initials are the Italian pronunciation for H (Acca) and K (Kappa), his sons succeeded him, and today the heart and soul of the company is his great granddaughter, Elisa Gera, daughter of Ursula Krüll.

From 1869 to today, much has changed and happened in the Acca Kappa story, but the passion for simplicity, beauty and craftsmanship remains true as ever, and the intensive hive of activity that the factory became known for in the 19thCentury continues two centuries on.

Acca Kappa brochure from 1905

Brush Making Tradition

Hermann Krüll commenced his career in Venice as a young merchant of bristles and seized an opportunity to enter into a partnership at a brush making factory in the outskirts of Treviso, then called Premiata Fabbrica Spazzole Trevigiana (Premium Brush Factory, Trevigiana).

By 1899 Hermann had taken over all the shares of the small brush company, bringing with him a breath of fresh air and creative talent; the company issued its first catalogue listing 25 models in 1905.

Today they have increased to over 100 hair brushes, a selection of environmentally sustainable raw materials, along with the standard Acca Kappa attention to detail and constant research with the world’s top hair stylists has led to a breath-taking brush collection with many different applications.

Innovative materials and traditional processing techniques passed down for almost 150 years ensure the fine quality of Acca Kappa hair brushes are true to heritage yet still very much fit for purpose in the 21st Century.

Speciality hairbrushes for different hair types and purposes as well as beard brushes and toothbrushes, are of course a key part of Acca Kappa’s framework however as expert craftsmen the company produces brushes for many other purposes including silverware, carpets, floors and horses.

Indeed, Acca Kappa’s expert craftsmanship as a maker of brushes, has resulted in the company supplying high profile clients, The British Royal Family being a noteworthy case and recently the Palace Capodimonte has requested brushes for the cleaning of beehives.

Infinity 150 limited edition hair brush from Acca Kappa

150th Anniversary

For the 150th Anniversary Acca Kappa has launched the stunning Infinito brush, a 750 piece limited edition featuring a handcrafted and hand-oiled Italian walnut handle, it’s available in two versions with refined natural bristles or hornbeam pins. The shape of the beautiful brush is inspired by the infinity symbol.

Acca Kappa lifestlye products for hair

Hair & Body Care for Everyday

Acca Kappa’s identity as a lifestyle brand, has been central to development and growth. Acca Kappa ambassadors mention how many of us value our hair and will invest much time and effort into its appearance, and how a good brush can make big difference to the health as well as the look and feel of the hair and scalp.

Acca Kappa’s hair care products compliment their brushes as an everyday product to be used at home for the promotion of healthy hair. Created in collaboration with the worlds best hair stylists, specific hair care products combine with a selection of the best professional hair brushes for an amazing result.

Elisa Gera, Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa Today

Acca Kappa is guided by the expert leadership of Elisa Gera, great granddaughter to Hermann Krüll. Under her management, Acca Kappa has become ‘La Fabbrica della Bellezza’ (the beauty factory), continuing to produce world renowned brushes the company has embarked on a new journey made of essences, fragrances and delicate creams, under the guidance of Elisa’s refined and gentle touch.

A keen gardener herself, the fragrance, home, body and hair care ranges are inspired by the seasonal scents of Italian gardens.

A Luxury Olfactory Experience from Italian Gardens

“We grow up through experiences made of emotions, colours and perfumes. My values are family and nature; my colours and perfumes are the same distilled in Acca Kappa fragrances. All perfumes are meant to share the memories and experiences that I highly cherish.”
— Elisa Gera

Production of all products from brushes, to body care remains 100% made in Italy.