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Best Products for Curly Hair

Celebrating curly hair of all kinds, our next hair guide will have you embracing your natural curls for hair that’s healthier and stronger. Bringing out the very best in every curl, ringlet and kink we’ve collected together some of our absolute favourite products to help you unleash those beautiful curls!

The Tools

Best Brush for Styling: The Pro Fashion Range

Often a nemesis for curly hair, dry brushing can cause damage and destroy natural bouncy curls. Made from natural bristle tufts reinforced with heat-resistant black nylon, the PRO FASHION range provides the perfect way to style curls whilst gently restoring shine. With a molecular composition similar to that of hair, the brushes do not alter the delicate hydrolipidic balance of the hair’s structure making ideal for thick or curly hair. The thicker bristle field of the PRO FASHION range guarantees uniform drying and smooth finishes keeping hair healthy and hydrated. Complete with a matte finish for the perfect anti-slip grip, the wooden handles are super lightweight.

ACCA KAPPA Pro Fashion Styling Brush - Bristle and Reinforced Nylon

The Pro Fashion Styling Brush by ACCA KAPPA available in small & medium


Best Daily brush: The Extension Brush

Again, designed to protect the hair's natural beauty by reducing damage and breakage, the ACCA KAPPA extension brush is ideal for thick and curly hair. Gently polishing, the extension brush features natural bristles that help polish and add shine- gently gliding through curls without pulling or stretching. Meanwhile, the nylon filaments gently untangle with their additional length effectively penetrating thicker hair helping to tidy from the roots to the ends. Also recommended as a gentle detangler for children’s hair.

ACCA KAPPA Classic Hair Extension Brush - Mixed Bristles

The Classic Hair Extension Brush with mixed bristles, by ACCA KAPPA


Best Comb: Beechwood Coarse Tooth Comb

Ideal for curly hair, this naturally anti-static comb avoids frizzing whilst the wide-spaced teeth gently detangle. Perfect for penetrating even the thickest of curls.

The Beechwood Coarse Tooth Comb by ACCA KAPPA

The Beechwood Coarse Tooth Comb by ACCA KAPPA


Best Shower Brush: The Shower Paddle

Tending to require less frequent washing than straighter hair, curly hair can often suffer from a build-up of oil and dandruff on the scalp that can weigh down roots. Good scalp health is vital for healthy, bouncy curls which is why our next choice of tool is the ACCA KAPPA shower paddle. Thanks to the natural rubber cushion full of soft nylon filaments with resin covered tips, the brush works to gently massage the scalp helping to break up any excess dirt and oils. In the shower, at the beach or the pool, the Shower Brush detangles hair without stripping it and easily removes knots. The brush is perfect for evenly distributing products in the shower, making it the key to unlocking even, defined curls.

The Shower Paddle Brush with Soft Nylon Pins and Resin Tips by ACCA KAPPA

The Shower Paddle Brush with Soft Nylon Pins by ACCA KAPPA

The Treatment

The White Moss Restorative Serum for Delicate Hair

Formulated with Inca (Jojoba) oil, this Restorative Fluid protects, hydrates and effectively restructures the hair. Restoring elasticity, the exceptionally nourishing fluid helps to prevent split ends and frizz. Lightweight, the serum keeps hair bouncy and helps define curls to leave hair feeling soft and silky. Fragranced with ACCA KAPPA’s most iconic range, White Moss, this serum is delightfully fresh!

The White Moss Restorative Serum for Delicate Hair by ACCA KAPPA

The White Moss Restorative Serum for delicate hair, by ACCA KAPPA


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