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Natura Coarse Tooth Comb


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Coarse tooth, beech wood comb with handle.

Featuring wide-spaced, larger teeth the coarse teeth comb works best on thicker hair. Allowing thicker hair to easily pass through the spacings, the comb is ideal for detangling curly and dense hair. Whether it be combing through damp or wet hair, or even helping to 'settle' things after you get out of bed, this comb is your best bet for fuss-free detangling.

How to Use

Starting from the mid-section, or few inches from the end of your hair, brush down the hair’s length. Moving the brush further up a couple of inches at a time, continue brushing downwards until you reach the scalp and the hair is fully detangled. To finish, gently stimulate the scalp by running the brush over the scalp in the direction of the hair’s fall a few times.

ACCA KAPPA Natura Coarse Tooth Comb

Beechwood Collection

Beautifully hand-crafted from quality raw materials.

Acca Kappa Beech Wood Collection Brushes

Gently detangling and massaging, our Beechwood collection brushes have been designed to be an essential part of your daily care rituals.

Hand-finished and never varnished, the golden beechwood is made from reforested wood and is naturally anti-static. Complete with a natural rubber cushion, the brushes help absorb and distribute pressure evenly to provide a gentle brushing action on the hair and scalp.