Common Winter Hair Woes and How to Solve them

Common Winter Hair Woes and How to Solve them

You survived the endless humidity and damaging UV of the warm summer months only to be greeted by the dry touch of central heating and the static charged frizz of winter. Proving just as difficult to manage, see below as we explore some of the most common winter hair woes and our top remedies to help you achieve your ultimate style- weather independent!

Winter can leave hair dry, damaged and frizzy, see below as we explore our top remedies to help you achieve your ultimate style!

1. Dry Hair

The temperature’s dropped and the central heating is on! Unfortunately, you may find that it’s not just your skin that suffers the consequences- reducing the moisture level in the air, central heating can dehydrate your hair too, leaving your locks dry and brittle.

Remedy: The White Moss Haircare Range

Delicately cleansing whilst deeply nourishing, White Moss Shampoo, Conditioner and Restorative Serum are miracle-workers for dehydrated tresses. Combining plant-based amino acids and vegetable keratin, both shampoo and conditioner are unique in their ability to capture and transport water. Closely resembling hair keratin, vegetable keratin penetrates and moisturises the hair much more effectively than other active ingredients. Complete with restorative serum, the lightweight fluid contains Jojoba oil to provide a targeted hydrating treatment. Hair is left feeling soft and silky!

For an extra boost, we recommend washing your hair at a lower temperature too. Whilst a hot steamy shower may be enticing, especially on a cold winter night, hot water can strip your hair of its natural oils leaving strands brittle and prone to breakage. For best results, wash with lukewarm water and a cool rinse to finish.

ACCA KAPPA White Moss Restorative Serum for Delicate Hair

White Moss Restorative Serum for Delicate Hair, by Acca Kappa

2. Over Styling

Our crowning glory, we all know the temptation of wanting to have our hair styled for every event but with peak party season just around the corner, the thought of over-styling already delicate hair is less than appealing. Often leaving hair more porous and damaged, heat styling hair can lead to raised cuticles and split ends for a frizzy finish.

Remedy: The Wavy Styling Brush Range

Achieve texture and curls worthy of party season with the Wavy styling brush range. Helping to style and dry hair simultaneously, the Wavy range uses low-temperature drying to help preserve the hair’s natural hydration and gloss. Moreover, being less sensitive to moisture, your locks maintain their full, well-defined waving for much longer.

The WAVY collection by ACCA KAPPA

The WAVY Collection by ACCA KAPPA

3. Static Frizz

Renowned for cold, dry air, winter can charge your hair with static, leaving you with a head full of flyway frizz. Similar to combatting dry hair, one of the easiest ways to fight winter static is by re-introducing and replacing the moisture lost by your hair.

Remedy: The Airy No.2 Nylon Pin Brush

Not only great at detangling the knots caused by blustery winter winds, the Airy No.2 hairbrush is also fantastic for fighting frizz. Naturally anti-static, the bi-level pins gently stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp and are ideal for working products like conditioner and smoothing cream throughout the hair. Easy to clean, the brush can be used on both dry and wet hair.

Airy No.2 with Bi Level Nylon Pins

ACCA KAPPA Airy No.2 with Bi Level Nylon Pins


Need additional hydrating boost? Try the Green Mandarin Smoothing Cream? Containing extracts of Moringa and Linseed oil, along with its anti-oxidant properties, the smoothing cream restores shine and softness whilst helping prevent split ends.

4. Dry, Itchy Scalp

Just as your hair and skin can become dry and dehydrated in the winter, so too can your scalp. Tight and itchy, a dry scalp can also lead to the increased production of sebum leaving hair greasy and roots oily quicker.

Remedy: The Balancing and Refreshing Hair Care Range

A targeted treatment that helps rebalance the scalp whilst hydrating hair, the Balancing & Refreshing Shampoo and Scalp Exfoliating Mask are top picks for itchy scalps at winter. Containing Ginseng, Aloe Vera and Sage, the collection is jammed packed full of naturally active ingredients that help to regulate sebum secretion.

For a happier scalp, we also recommend avoiding over-washing your hair at all costs. This winter, try extending the time between your washes and for those days in-between shampooing, why not try our White Moss Nourishing Hair Perfume for a refreshing spritz!

The Balancing & Refreshing Shampoo and Scalp Exfoliating Mask by ACCA KAPPA

The Balancing & Refreshing Shampoo and Scalp Exfoliating Mask by ACCA KAPPA


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