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Vintage White Toothbrush


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This Acca Kappa toothbrush collection is dedicated to tradition through the beauty of Vintage style. A line with a simple and refined design, with a slightly retro twist, which captures the style of the past. The ergonomic shape guarantees a very comfortable grip.

Vintage toothbrushes are available in three colors: white, red and black.

The toothbrush heads are made of natural bristle or high quality nylon in soft, medium or hard.

ACCA KAPPA Vintage White Toothbrush
ACCA KAPPA Vintage Toothbrush and Natural Toothpaste
ACCA KAPPA Vintage Toothbrush Collection

Luxury Oral Care

Creating exquisite beauty tools for more than 150 years.

ACCA KAPPA Vintage Toothbrush

ACCA KAPPA presents an exclusive collection of stylish and top-notch toothbrushes.

Designed along the lines of classic sketches retrieved in the firm’s historical archives, they feature technological enhancements to combine style and functionality.