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Tourmaline Comfort Grip Brush


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The ergonomic design and the special non-slip knurling of the handle ensure complete grip and provide a perfect control in the rotational movements of the brush. 100% nylon.

The aluminium barrel is covered with a special material made with ceramic and tourmaline. Thanks to the crystalline minerals that the ceramic is made from, the heat of the hair dryer is quickly distributed over the entire surface of the barrel, which maintains a constant and even temperature.

Tourmaline is a composition of crystals that once heated up by the hair dryer become a natural source of negative ions, which neutralise the charge of positive ions normally in found in hair, thus eliminating the electrified effect on the surface of the hair.

The negative ions transform the water molecules into micro particles that penetrate inside the hair to moisturise it and make it shinier. The cuticles close almost totally to make the hair silky soft. Tourmaline is also a source of infrared rays that penetrate the hair to accelerate drying without damaging its structure.

Ergonomic handle made with a special “carbon fibre” based material. Aluminium barrel covered with ceramic and tourmaline. Hair dryer-resistant nylon bristles with rounded tips.

This brush is ideal for long and thick hair and perfect for blow-drying and styling.

How to Use

For the best blow out, from a proper distance direct the heat of the hair dryer repeatedly on the hair and pull it taut from hairline. For a longer hold, let the brush cool down leaving the hair rolled up around it. To get less volume at the hairline, loosen the grip of the brush and let the ends cool down while still rolled up around the brush.

ACCA KAPPA Tourmaline Comfort Grip Brush 35 mm Diameter
ACCA KAPPA Tourmaline Comfort Grip Brush 30 mm Diameter
ACCA KAPPA Tourmaline Comfort Grip Brush 25 mm Diameter