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Black Pepper & Sandalwood Eau de Parfum


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A warm, spicy and woody fragrance.

Transport yourself to a bustling spice bazaar, where rich, warming spices dance through the air, and hints of smoky embers linger in every corner. ACCA KAPPA's Black Pepper & Sandalwood fragrance captures the essence of this sensory journey.

Deep and warm, this scent harmonizes spicy notes of Cinnamon with delicate hints of Damask Rose and Bergamot. As the fragrance settles, the base notes of Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Black Musk contribute to a rounded and lasting olfactory experience.

Winner of the International Art and Olfaction Award in 2015, indulge in the rich embrace of Black Pepper & Sandalwood by ACCA KAPPA.

Olfactory Pyramid

Top notes: Bergamot - Elemi - Davana - Saffron - Cloves - Nutmeg - Balsam Fir

Heart notes: Rosa Damascena - Cinnamon - Black Pepper - Agarwood

Base notes: Patchouli - Haitian Vetiver - Sandalwood - Virginia Cedarwood - Cypriol - Black Musk

How to Use

Apply directly to clean, dry skin. Holding 3-6 inches away, target pulse points such as your inner wrists and neck.



Alcohol Denat., Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Eugenol, Geraniol, Limonene, Cinnamal, Coumarin, Citral, Linalool.


Bergamot - Elemi - Davana - Patchouli - Vetiver - Cedarwood - Balsam Fir - Cloves - Cinnamon

ACCA KAPPA Black Pepper & Sandalwood Eau de Parfum 50 ml
ACCA KAPPA Black Pepper & Sandalwood Eau de Parfum 15 ml
ACCA KAPPA Black Pepper & Sandalwood Eau de Parfum, Award Winning
ACCA KAPPA Black Pepper & Sandalwood Eau de Parfum

Black Pepper & Sandalwood

Perfume winner of the International “Art and Olfaction Award 2015.” A unique combination of neo- oriental elements, leaving room for delicate notes of Damask Rose and spicy notes of Cinnamon and Black Pepper. An irresistible harmony that gives body to the fragrance.

Fragrance Notes

  • Cinnamon


    Spicy and aromatic, cinnamon adds both warmth and richness. It has a sweet and slightly woody aroma with hints of earthiness and a subtle touch of heat.

  • Cedarwood


    A warm and woody essential oil derived from the wood of cedar trees, it has a rich, earthy aroma with undertones of sweetness.

  • Black Pepper

    Black Pepper

    Bold and spicy, black pepper adds depth and complexity to fragrances. Often used to create vibrant and invigorating scents, adding a touch of spice and energy.

ACCA KAPPA Black Pepper and Sandalwood Eau de Parfum