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Amber & Sandalwood Home Diffuser


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Every home fragrance by acca kappa tells a story of art, woven into emotions and imagination, that shines for its own personality.

The essences spread vibrations in the air, stimulating the senses and elevating mind and soul.

The warm and seductive hint of amber, blended with a full-bodied sandalwood and a sweet-tempered vanilla, create an exciting fragrance graced with an oriental edge. Earthly essences turn the air brightly colourful, before all merging in a passionate, spicy embrace.

Complete with wooden diffuser sticks, the home fragrance is presented in a glass bottle with an oak wooden cap.

How to Use

Place all reeds in the bottle. Once the reeds absorb the natural oils, the fragrance will be released throughout the room. Turn the reeds at least once a week.

250 ml

ACCA KAPPA Amber & Sandalwood Home Diffuser

Artistic Atmosphere Collection

Creating beautiful scent-scapes of fragrance, the artistic aromatic atmosphere collection by Acca Kappa weaves stories of experience and imagination for an exceptional home fragrance collection.

Formed from six unique scents, each has its own personality and story, exploring the paths where art and nature interweave for five memorable olfactory experiences.

Inspired by Gianni Sartor's paintings and patterns, the packaging for this collection perfectly expresses the harmony between fragrance and art in creative home decoration.