The Self-Care Staple Worth Learning More About
29 Sep

The Self-Care Staple Worth Learning More About

Take stock of all the necessities in your bathroom. From soap and water to your favorite cleansing products, there are some things you need on a daily basis. People have always used combs to style and even decorate their hair, and archeologists have discovered amazing renditions made of wood and ivory as well as stone and metal dating back to 5500 B.C. Although their use as accessories has waned a bit in recent years, you’ll still find a comb in just about every household.

How to Use a Comb Properly

For such a simple tool, a comb can detangle, distribute styling products or hair treatments, and put the finishing touch on your crowning glory. There are only two hard and fast rules you need to remember when using a comb. First, start at the ends if you’re smoothing out tangled tresses. Start at the crown, and you’ll only make things worse. And, second, choose a comb that works for your hair’s thickness, texture, or style. Think of your hair and your tool as partners. The right combination means only good hair days. P.S. Don’t even think about using any brush on tangles. You’ll be risking split ends, breakage, and the dreaded flyaways that just won’t lay flat.

Fine-Toothed, Wide-Toothed, and a Few Things In Between

Just like brushes, comb designs vary, so consider your hair type before making a purpose. Thin, straight hair also tends to be fine and can tangle easily. Choose a comb with teeth that are close together because it separates the hair better and won’t create extra tangles. If your hair is thick, curly, or coarse, your comb’s teeth should be set farther apart because a fine-toothed comb will simply get stuck and leave you frustrated. And if your inner Goldilocks hasn’t found that “just right” comb, give this Medium-toothed comb a try. It works for all hair types and has a handle to make detangling a breeze.

Benefits of Wooden Combs

Picking the perfect comb has a lot to do with personal preference as well as purpose. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, vegan option, then a beechwood comb makes a good choice. The hardwood feels firm in the hand without being heavy, and the one-piece construction means there are no joints or extra pieces that can snag delicate strands when detangling, combing, or parting your hair.

Wood also distributes your scalp’s natural oils down the hair shaft better than plastic does. And beechwood has the added benefit of feeling good when massaged against the scalp, which in turn improves blood circulation and helps stimulate hair growth. Finally, wood combs reduce static because they contain negative ions just like individual strands of hair. Since the ions in both the tool and the hair are the same, wood combs are naturally anti-static.

Choose Carbon Instead of Plastic

Have you ever looked in your stylist’s tool drawer? Chances are you’ll see a wide array of combs and brushes, each with a distinct purpose in mind. Professional barbers and stylists also need tools that will withstand rigorous use, deliver precise results, and remain germ-free, which is where carbon-based combs really shine. Acca Kappa’s professional carbonium collection features six different anti-static, antibacterial combs made with carbon fibers and silver ions. The combination eliminates the need for sterilization. Just wash them with mild liquid soap and water, and they’ll perform year in and year out. And just like the wooden combs, the carbonium versions have a completely smooth surface and round-tipped teeth, so they won’t scratch your scalp or damage your hair. Ordinary plastic or metal combs just can’t compete.

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Whether you choose wood or carbonium, pick a comb that meets both your needs – physically and aesthetically. The right comb feels at home in your hand and will help keep your scalp and hair healthy. Reach out  any time if you’d like their hair specialist to recommend a comb for you or someone you love. They’re always happy to help!

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