How to Choose the Right Size Round Hairbrush
12 Nov

How to Choose the Right Size Round Hairbrush

Want to know a secret? The more choices you have the harder it can be to make a decision. Even as children we learned that finding that “just right” chair, meal, or bed wouldn’t be easy. Choosing the perfect round brush can be difficult, especially since you can’t pick up a blow dryer in a store and test the brushes firsthand. We decided to help take some of the guesswork out of this particular decision by teaching you a little bit about barrels, bristles, and materials.

Hair Length and Barrel Size

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, especially when it comes to styling short hair. Round brushes with a small 1” to 1 ½” diameter barrel make quick work of styling pixie cuts and bobs, A large-barreled brush in the 2” to 3” range works great if your hair is below your shoulders and are looking for a beautiful blowout.

Do You Want Curl or Volume? 

Just like a curling iron, a smaller brush barrel will create a tighter curl than a larger one. Large-barreled brushes are ideal for lifting the hair at the roots and creating added height and volume. They can also gently curve the hair ends under to disguise split ends or layers that are growing out.

Bristle Composition and Hair Type 

Once you’ve determined the right size brush for your hair, it’s time to think about bristles. Styling curly or thick hair requires multi-level bristles with added grip. Our Duo Force Brush was designed specifically for these hair types and utilizes both natural boar’s hair as well as heat resistant nylon bristles, giving you more control while styling. The handle’s rounded triangle shape also makes it easier to maneuver without dropping.

Barrel Composition and Drying Time 

If you’re looking to speed up your morning styling routine, consider adding a round brush with a ceramic barrel to your arsenal. Our Beechwood Thermo-Natura brush barrels are wrapped in aluminum and coated with hardened, glazed Majolica clay, which conducts heat more efficiently and equates to shorter drying times and less potential heat damage. The bristles are spaced farther apart than in other round brushes and separated by empty holes to improve the flow of heat through your hair.

Pick Your Grip 

The best brush will always be the one that feels most natural in your hand and that you reach for over and over again. Beechwood brushes have a natural anti-static quality and are lightweight and ultra-smooth. If you’ll be styling your hair for a longer period of time, the rubber padded handle on our Control Plus Brush will give you better grip and maneuverability. The Kotibe Wood handles of our Porcupine Brush not only look beautiful, but they also make styling fine or delicate hair a more enjoyable experience. And for a completely non-slip experience, choose a round brush with a carbon fiber handle. Our Tourmaline Comfort Grip Brush combines heat resistant bristles with a shine-enhancing tourmaline ceramic barrel to decrease static and keep hair in tip top condition during dry weather.

~ ~ ~

No matter what your preference is, Acca Kappa proudly offers round brushes with barrels ranging in size from 1.65” to 3.25.” And if you need help making a selection, just let us know. We want you to love your brush as much as you love styling your hair.

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