How to Clean your Hair Brush?
17 Jan

How to Clean your Hair Brush?

Follow these simple steps to keep your brush and comb in top condition for years to come.

1. Clean your brush frequently using Acca Kappa's special brush for best results.

2. Draw the brush cleaner across the bristles from one end of the pad to the other and then diagonally exerting a gentle pressure to remove the hair left in the brush.

3. Wash the brush with care only if necessary using gentle dish soap. Do not soak directly in water, but just rinse.

4. Shake the hairbrush to remove any excess of water and let the brush dry naturally with pins facing downwards.


•In case of long-term exposure to high temperature, natural bristles can become brittle.

•Do not soak wooden handles in water: it may damage the wood and its finishing.

•Do not leave natural rubber pads under strong light: it can cause color-changes and cracks.

•Do not use aggressive chemical products and oils directly on the brush.

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