A Comprehensive Guide for Selecting the Right Hair Care
17 May

A Comprehensive Guide for Selecting the Right Hair Care

As much as we like the concept of “one-size-fits-all,” it rarely applies. From choosing a career to buying a car, choices make a difference. Hair care works the same way. Growing up, you probably used a different shampoo than you do now. And given your appreciation for changing hair colors or styles, your shampoo and conditioning needs vary throughout your life. Deciding which product is right for your hair requires a little legwork, so here’s a comprehensive look at each of Acca Kappa’s hair care lines. You’ll learn what may or may not work for you and might even discover something about your hair or scalp in the process.

Color & Treated Collection

Color-treated hair needs specialized care. Whenever you (or your colorist) uses chemicals, like hydrogen peroxide, to modify your hair’s natural hue, the cuticle opens up to allow the new color to bond with your hair. Whether you’re sporting this season’s trending copper shade or enjoying your latest balayage, your locks need extra TLC due to their weakened state.

To restore moisture and retain shine, our Color & Treated Collection features a matching shampoo and conditioner. They’re rich in both argan oil (a vitamin E powerhouse) and vegetable keratin. The Color Care Shampoo is also sulfate-free (no SLS). Sulfates often strip hair of essential oils, and, as a rule, color-treated hair tends to be dry. Our Color Care Conditioner also includes linseed oil and can be used as a quick 2–3 minute conditioning treatment or a more intensive 5-minute mask.

Frizzy, Anti-Pollution Collection

Natural curls and waves are something straight-haired beauties envy, but those pretty spirals often have a downside – frizz. Structurally speaking, curly hair tends to lack moisture because the tighter the spiral, the more difficult it is for your scalp’s natural oils to travel from roots to ends. So when humid weather wafts in, your strands suck up much-needed hydration from the air, and the result is frizz.

Our Frizzy, Anti-Pollution Shampoo and Conditioner were formulated with hydration at their core. Linseed extract and Moringa seed extract provide the moisture your hair craves, so the cuticle won’t react to changes in environment. We’ve also opted for cleansing and foaming agents that won’t rough up your locks. Ordinary shampoo may make mounds of fluffy foam, but the wrong surfactants can strip stressed strands and make them look fuzzy. Our Frizzy, Anti-Pollution Shampoo contains delicate, plant-derived surfactants, including Cocamide DEA and Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate to gently cleanse hair without damaging it.

Oily Scalp Collection

Does your hair get limp within hours of washing? Does the thought of not shampooing daily make you anxious? If so, you probably have an oily scalp and need products designed to both cleanse and control sebum production. Much like your face, stripping the scalp of essential oils causes it to increase oil output. Your scalp needs both water and oil to stay healthy, but most products only address one aspect of hair health.

We created our Oily Scalp Collection to cleanse gently, refresh, prevent hair loss, and strengthen hair to keep it looking shiny and lustrous. Our Oily Scalp Balancing Refreshing Shampoo uses mint extract to soothe scalp irritation and refresh scalp skin to keep it healthy. Sage extract and ginseng deep cleans the scalp and helps balance sebum production, so your hair stays cleaner longer.

If your scalp is flaky or itchy, propolis – a component found in honey – can help. Use our Oily Scalp Exfoliating Mask after shampooing. The propolis has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that keep your hair’s water-to-oil ratio balanced and your scalp calm. Bonus: If you prefer a leave-in product that you can simply spray on without rinsing, our Oily Scalp Balancing & Refreshing Lotion tones the scalp while providing additional sebum control.


Soft & Volume Collection

Whether you’ve had limp, lifeless hair since birth or are noticing density or textural changes throughout the years, the right shampoo and conditioner can help. Many volumizing products coat the hair to make it feel thicker. Unfortunately, those same products often dehydrate the cuticle and do nothing to retain or support the hair’s natural structure. Bamboo extract has both skin and hair benefits thanks to the amount of silica it contains. Silica strengthens hair, and strong hair is less prone to breakage.

Everyone can benefit from our Soft & Volume Collection, no matter what hair type they have. The Soft &  Volume Shampoo cleanses gently while nourishing the hair. In addition to bamboo extract, we included superfood powerhouse pomegranate extract. This antioxidant-rich ingredient has heart-heathy benefits when consumed, and research has shown that the essential minerals and vitamins it contains may help hair grow stronger and keep it in the growing (anagenic) phase longer. Our companion Soft & Volume Mask further nourishes and strengthens hair while increasing its volume with a combination of bamboo extract and rich, but lightweight nut and vegetable oils.

Normal & Delicate Collection

Fine, thin hair needs extra nurturing to help it stay elastic and strong. Aging, medication, stressful conditions, and chemical treatments all zap moisture and make hair vulnerable to breakage. Hair care formulas need to deliver protein as well as deep hydration without feeling heavy because delicate hair is easily weighed down. We used a combination of plant-derived amino acids along with keratin (the protein in your hair’s own composition) so hair would capture and retain moisture more fully.

To ensure your hair is protected from free radical damage, our gentle Extra Moisturizing Delicate Hair Shampoo contains hydrolyzed soy protein that repairs structural damage, along with witch hazel, which provides antioxidants to fight off pollutants.

Conditioning and protecting delicate hair is also key, so we offer a ginseng-enriched companion conditioner as well as our unique leave-in Protecting Fluid. These products can be layered for extra protection, or you can use them interchangeably depending on your needs. The Protecting Fluid can prevent chlorinated pool water from damaging your hair. It tamps down frizz with just a few drops, and it can be applied to damp, freshly washed hair to restore shine and elasticity. Tip: Use this before you blow dry your hair for a silky, smooth finish.

Just for Men Strong, Bright Collection

While men and women can certainly use the same shampoo, finding one that addresses your hair’s specific needs means choosing something based on several factors, including lifestyle. Keeping your hair and scalp health at the forefront, we developed the Just for Men Strong, Bright Collection to reduce hair loss by improving its structure. Frequent shampooing and an active lifestyle often result in breakage. Add in a few less-than-stellar styling products, and early hair loss could be on the horizon.

The Strong, Bright Hair Shampoo revitalizes the scalp by increasing circulation and boosting hair growth. Ginseng, once again, plays a vital role in this product. In addition to cleansing and strengthening properties, ginseng contributes to the scalp’s ability to produce hair. Research has shown that ginseng increases the cells in between the upper and lower layers of the scalp. More cells equals more opportunities for hair growth.

Our collection of styling waxes are also formulated to meet unique hair care needs without sacrificing your hair’s health. Choose Matte Finish Wax for low-shine, non-greasy hold; Gel Wax, if you have thick, curly hair; and Water Wax for mid-level hold with a luminous sheen. No matter which one you choose, you can style to perfection without sacrificing your hair’s health.

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