How Often Should I Wash my Hair?
22 Jan

How Often Should I Wash my Hair?

One of the popular questions among most women today is, how often should I wash my hair? And as you can imagine, there is quite a lot debate about this topic. New schools of thought and trends have come up in recent years and their answer to this question can range from once daily, once a week, once a month or even not at all.

Though there may not be a "right answer” to this question, there are a few factors to consider before settling for a particular hair washing schedule such as hair type, product used, and lifestyle.


Coarse or “Normal Hair”

This hair type can withstand more frequent washing. Washing up three times a week with shampoo and conditioner will ensure the hair is always clean and smelling fresh without over drying it.

The overall health and luster of this hair type can be improved by brushing daily with a quality boar bristles brush like this Italian hairbrush that will ensure the natural oils produced by the scalp reach every hair strand from the root to the tip.

Oily Hair

As the name indicates, it produces more natural oils than other types of hair. And while washing it more frequently may seem like the answer, it is in fact the opposite. Removing all oils from the hair by washing it too often will signal the scalp to produce more oils. If possible, wash no more than two times per week with a specialized shampoo and conditioner like Acca Kappa’s Haircare for Oily Scalp, which can gradually help reduce scalp’s oil production.

The use of a natural boar bristles hairbrush daily like this special signature brush will help ensure all those precious scalp oils do not go to waste by evenly distributing them throughout the hair which can help make hair stronger and shinier while avoiding itchiness.

Thick Hair

This hair type needs more oils as they are necessary to penetrate deep through the hair layers. Washing no more than twice a week with shampoo & conditioner is recommended.

Using natural boar bristles hairbrushes fort daily brushing and styling like Acca Kappa’s will help evenly distribute oils and nutrients throughout making them easier to absorb and providing natural shine.

Fine Hair

Fine hair scalps do not produce as much oil as other hair types. Washing three times a week with a specialized shampoo and conditioner such as Acca Kappa’s Shampoo for Delicate Hair is recommended. Alternatively, if a more voluminous look is desired, we recommend using this Soft & Volume shampoo and conditioner which naturally adds volume to the hair for fuller locks.

Daily detangling with a specialized lopped bristles brush like this one that does not pull hair and twice daily use of a boar bristle hairbrush like this high-quality signature brush to help transport natural oils and nutrients from the scalp to the tip of the hair is ideal.

Dry or Damaged Hair

It should not be washed too often. A once or twice a week wash with shampoo and conditioner for delicate hair is enough. The use of leave in conditioner in between washes as well as a hair repair serum is recommended.

Brushing twice daily with a boar bristles hairbrush will greatly benefit this particular hair type, followed by a quick pass with this anti-static brush –as dry hair tends to be frizzier-.


In some cases, how often one chooses to wash their hair depends on lifestyle. You may have probably heard of co-washing (also referred to as "reverse washing") which has become popular in recent years. This entails washing of hair with a conditioner only. Thus, the conditioner acts as both, the shampoo and conditioner.

If a person plays sports or strenuous physical activity is part of their daily life, and their hair is not oily, co-washing may be a good option to try in between shampoo washing days to maintain the hair fresh. This may also be helpful for women who style their hair daily.

In the other hand, for those with an oily scalp that may do a lot of physical activity, a hair perfume like Acca Kappa’s refreshing hair perfume paired with a 3-minute brush may help keep the hair looking and smelling fresh without the need to wash too often.

And for those that are not constantly exposed to the elements and do not perform arduous physical activity, once or twice a week hair washing, and daily hair brushing may be enough.

In summary, there isn’t a strict specific rule to follow when it comes to hair washing. It mainly depends on lifestyle and choice. But ultimately it is the products that we use and our daily habits that can have the most impact in the look and feel of our hair than the frequency in which we wash it.

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