Summer Haircare Tips & Tricks
05 Jun

Summer Haircare Tips & Tricks

Summer Haircare Tips and Tricks That Can Keep Your Locks Looking Lovely All Season Long

Getting outside in the sunshine and fresh air is something we all look forward to after a long winter trapped indoors. Whether you head to the beach or the lake or simply spend more time playing outdoors, your hair can literally bake in the sun. Luckily, there are several things you can do to ensure your mane looks marvelous all summer long.

Get Off to a Good Start

It can be tempting to let your hair grow during the summer, but fragile tips and split ends can worsen if ignored. Before you head out to the beach or lake, visit your stylist and get your ends trimmed. Not only will you eliminate previous damage, but you’ll also ensure that all other protective measures perform optimally.

Leave the Hot Tools in the Drawer

Whenever possible, take advantage of the seasonal weather and let your hair dry naturally. Blow drying and heat styling can damage hair, especially when the humidity drops. If you can’t bear the thought of not using your hot tools, be sure to take other protective measures, like switching to a richer, more moisturizing conditioner and utilizing a heat protectant.

Protect Against Discoloration

If you’ve ever emerged from the pool and discovered your bleached blonde locks had a less-than-spectacular verdant hue, you probably blamed it on the chlorine. In reality, copper-rich water is more likely the cause because copper oxidizes once it comes into contact with water and chlorine, causing it to bind to the protein in individual strands. Rinsing your hair thoroughly after you get out of the pool makes good sense, but did you know that fully saturating your hair with clean water before getting in the pool can also make a difference? Just like a dry sponge absorbs water, so does dry hair. So before you dive in, rinse your hair fully and repeat once you step out as well.

Prevent Breakage By Moisturizing Your Mane

Have you ever heard the old idiom, “Those two are like oil and water?” As a general rule, oil and water can’t be mixed together, which is why the oil always rises to the surface of the water even after being shaken together vigorously. With that concept in mind, it makes sense to use oil to moisturize your locks and to prevent them from absorbing chemicals from pool or ocean water. Plant oils have regenerative properties, which is why oiling your hair overnight can repair damage and keep your strands more elastic. This White Moss Normal & Delicate Protecting Fluid contains plukenetia volubilis seed oil (Inca oil) that comes from the Sacha Inchi plant found in the Columbian Amazon. It’s rich in fatty acids that keep hair healthy and also has antioxidant properties thanks to vitamin E. Try massaging it into freshly shampooed hair to add moisture or apply it to dry hair to protect your strands from chemicals in pool water.

Fight Off Frizz and Pollutants By Switching Shampoos

Summer weather can make even stick-straight hair frizzy. As the wind, heat, and sun strip away vital moisture, it’s a good idea to switch to a different shampoo during the outdoor season. Dry hair absorbs humidity in the air, but purifying, moisturizing shampoos can reinforce and strengthen hair from the inside out. Look for skin- and hair-loving ingredients, like moringa oil, that give back what Mother Nature strips away. Your hair will also appreciate the switch to milder surfactants that don’t remove your natural oils.

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