6 Winter Skin Care Tips for Men
02 Feb

6 Winter Skin Care Tips for Men

In many parts of the world, winter is in full swing. Cold, dry air can chap lips and cheeks and cause itchy, irritated skin, especially if you venture in and outdoors multiple times a day. Whether you’re a man or a woman, winter skin care varies from the rest of the year. And in men, testosterone makes the skin thicker, and that in itself requires extra care. Here are a few tips to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy this winter.

#1 Adopt a Dry Brushing Routine

If you’re new to the concept of dry brushing, it’s exactly as it sounds. Brushing your skin for 3–5 minutes before showering can have multiple benefits. It increases blood circulation, eliminates dead skin, and will make your skincare products work better. Brush your arms and legs in long upward strokes and then brush your abdomen in a circular motion. You don’t need to brush hard, just add this to your routine a few times each week, and you’ll tamp down the winter itchies and eliminate dead skin cells, so your body moisturizer absorbs better.

#2 Don’t Bathe in Hot Water

On a cold winter morning, it can be tempting to crank up the heat when showering. After all, warm water releases tension in your muscles and gets your body ready for the day. Unfortunately, it also zaps skin’s natural oils and can lead to tight, uncomfortable skin as the day progresses. Lower the temperature in your shower and try to reduce the amount of time you linger when bathing. Prolonged water contact coupled with high temps spell disaster for dry skin.

#3 Use a Bath Brush on Hard-to-Reach Areas

If days of skiing or snow play are part of your winter routine, you can work up quite a sweat despite the falling temperatures. It can be difficult to effectively wash your own back (or ankles when your legs are sore) but a bath brush can get the job done in minutes. Just like dry brushing, a bath brush helps remove dead skin cells while improving blood circulation. Lather up your brush and use it to massage achy feet and shoulders while bathing.

#4 Switch to Emollient Shaving Products

Winter weary skin has trouble holding onto moisture, and stripping shaving products can leave your face looking worse for wear. If you’ve never used a shaving soap before, you’re missing out. Ours includes ginseng, often touted for its anti-aging benefits and ability to wake up sleepy collagen, and prickly pear extract, one of nature’s greatest antibacterial and antioxidant oils that improves skin health by reducing inflammation. Ordinary shaving cream simply can’t compete.

#5 Wear Sunscreen Even on Cloudy Days

Sunscreen may seem like a summer-only necessity, but UV rays are intensified when snow is added to the equation. Protect your skin from sun damage and skin cancer all year long by wearing broad spectrum sunscreen 30+. Moisturizing formulas are especially helpful during winter, and many companies make versions that feel light on the skin that are also safe for the environment.

#6 Drink More Water

No skincare article would be complete without stating the obvious. Water hydrates your body from the inside out, so try to drink eight 8-ounce glasses every day. Water-rich fruits and vegetables, like watermelon, cantaloupe, celery, cucumbers, and tomatoes also count.

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