5 Tips for Caring for Your Beard or Moustache
28 Nov

5 Tips for Caring for Your Beard or Moustache

Remember the first time you decided to grow a mustache or beard? Testosterone and hair growth are closely connected, and when hormone levels are low, hair growth can be sparse. Depending on the number of hair follicles you have, growing a full beard may be problematic, but these insightful tips may help.

Tip #1 Commit to a Skincare Routine

Okay, that probably sounds counterintuitive, but a good skincare routine will improve your chances of growing healthy facial hair. Just like your scalp, your facial skin needs to be clean, moisturized, and exfoliated regularly to help reduce irritation, redness, and beard dandruff. A consistent skincare routine prevents hair follicles from clogging; improves blood circulation, which helps with hair growth; and removes dead skin cells that may be preventing new growth or causing ingrown hairs.

Tip #2 Stop Using Regular Shampoo on Your Beard

Much like the hair on your head, your facial hair needs to be cleaned and conditioned thoroughly. Using your regular shampoo on your beard is a no-no, though. Why? Because your scalp generally produces more oil than your face, and using a shampoo that doesn’t address this difference can lead to irritation and poor hair health. Most facial hair is thick and wiry, so you’ll need products that cleanse gently and soften  coarse strands.

Our Beard Shampoo contains purifying Moringa extract. It cleans without irritation and makes your beard look glossy and healthy. Pair this with our Beard Conditioner, especially when you first start to grow your beard. It will cut down on frizz, keep the hair strong, and nourish the hair, so it won’t cause irritation.

Tip #3 Add a Leave-In Fluid to Your Facial Hair Routine

If you’ve used a leave-in conditioner on your hair, this next tip will sound familiar. One of the common characteristics of beard hair is dryness. Beard Oil formulated with both Moringa extract and Argan oil can minimize this and make the hair feel softer. But go easy here. Too much oil can make your beard look greasy and can cause acne breakouts if your skin is prone to them. Start slow and use just a drop or two initially. Your beard will guide you.

Tip #4 Use a Firm Brush to Groom Your Beard

In theory, you could use an ordinary hairbrush to keep your beard looking nice, but maneuvering a handle that close to your face may prove challenging. Our Wenge Wood Beard Brush fits in the palm of your hand and makes it easy to detangle your beard and bring out its natural shine. You can also use it to evenly distribute Beard Oil more effectively.

Tip #5 Analyze Your Medicine Cabinet

If you’ve tried everything to increase your facial hair growth but still haven’t achieved your desired results, it’s time to look for medical clues. Many medications disrupt hair’s natural growth cycle by causing a hormonal imbalance. Common conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure, and depression are treated with medication that causes hair loss or hair thinning. Medication for heart problems and cancer can also be a factor. Check with your primary care provider or pharmacist to see if your medications might be hindering your moustache’s growth.

Happy Movember!

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