How Haircare for Men Differs from Women
10 Jun

How Haircare for Men Differs from Women

Think you and your better half need different hair care products? As much as we like to think that men are women are vastly different, there’s one thing we have in common – hair. From a strictly scientific standpoint, hair is hair, unless we’re talking about facial or body hair, which does tend to be coarser for men. But what about gender-specific shampoo, conditioner, and styling products? That’s where things can get tricky and additional factors come into play.

Haircare Should Address an Individual’s Needs 

Product efficacy is due, in part, to satisfying a person’s unique desires. Men and women are equally prone to conditions that affect the scalp, like oiliness or dandruff, so focus on shampoo formulas that target your concerns. For example, women may need more conditioning agents, especially if they bleach or color their hair, but environmental factors, lifestyle, and working conditions can dry out a man’s hair just as easily as a woman’s. Choose products that address your specific concerns, like restoring lost moisture, controlling oil production, and maintaining a healthy scalp to encourage hair retention or growth.

Match Your Grooming Products to Your Goals

If you have an oily scalp, you probably wouldn’t reach for your partner’s rich moisturizing treatment. But if you have coarse or curly hair, your locks may get dehydrated easily, which leaves them looking fuzzy and feeling damaged. And when it comes to your day-to-day style, you need to consider things like hold, finish, and ease of use. Women often rely on hair spray to keep their style in place all day, whereas men frequently choose a styling paste or gel to prevent flyaways and keep their style looking polished from dawn to dusk. Styling products that leave a matte finish, like putty or clay-based pomades, are often preferred by men, whereas women look for styling aids with ingredients like Inca oil that enhance their hair’s shine.

Consider Your Style

Some research suggests that men’s hair grows faster than women’s, but there’s no definitive proof. In fact, some men’s hairstyles may be an indicator of where this myth originated. Since men tend to keep their hair short, hair growth is more obvious when the cut loses its shape. If you find your hair seems more unruly or less cooperative, it may be time for a fresh cut or a product with stronger hold.

The Shampoo/Styling Product Connection

The type of shampoo you use is integral to your scalp and hair health. Oil-based styling products can be tough to wash out, and when they build up on the scalp, follicles can be clogged, resulting in potential hair loss. Water-based styling products are easier to rinse out, and you won’t need to use a clarifying shampoo as often. Whichever option you choose, it’s best to add a shampoo to your arsenal that promotes hair growth while also strengthening your strands. Acca Kappa’s Men’s Shampoo for Strong, Bright Hair includes ginseng extract and wheat protein to encourage new growth and keep existing strands strong. Sage extract eliminates product buildup on the scalp, and menthol leaves it feeling revitalized and refreshed.

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