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Best Products for Coloured Hair

After emerging renewed from the salon, there’s nothing worse than watching your fresh colour wash away down the drain. With most shampoos designed to clean hair of oil and dirt, unless you have the right product, you can also inadvertently end up stripping the hair of its dye too. Designed to keep colour fresh and vibrant, as well as keep hair healthy and hydrated, see below our latest hair guide exploring the best products for coloured hair.

The Tools

Best Daily Brush: Pneumatic Pure Bristle

After having your hair coloured, it’s recommended to wait at least three days before shampooing as it can take this long for the hair’s cuticle layer to fully close. In fact, the less frequently you wash it, the more likely your hair colour is to last. To assist you in this colour saving mission, a great daily brush can be invaluable. In particular, Pure Bristle brushes can help remove and redistribute oil so that roots appear less greasy. Adding sheen and volume, the natural bristles work the scalp’s sebum down the length of the hair keeping it healthy and hydrated. Also helping to remove any trapped scale, dirt or pollution from the scalp the gentle natural rubber cushion ensures a gentle touch alleviating any irritation caused by those non-shampoo days.

The Pneumatic Pure Bristle Brush by ACCA KAPPA

The Pneumatic Pure BristleBrush by ACCA KAPPA

TIP! For thicker hair, this brush is also available with Nylon Mono-filaments that help penetrate and detangle!


Best Shower Brush: The Shower Paddle

For ultimate repair and rehydration, coloured hair often benefits from nourishing mask treatments. One of the best brushes for drier or damaged hair, the Paddle Shower Brush is ideal for working products like conditioner and masks throughout the hair, ensuring the product is distributed evenly for maximum absorption. Thanks to the natural rubber cushion full of soft nylon filaments with resin covered tips, the brush gently works to detangle and delicately massage the scalp.

ACCA KAPPA Shower Paddle Brush with Soft Nylon Pins

The Shower Paddle Brush with Soft Nylon Pins by Acca Kappa


The Products

Blue Lavender Shampoo

Steering clear of harsh surfactants, the Blue Lavender Shampoo uses only gentle plant-based cleansers designed to minimise the amount of colour lost with each wash. Formulated using Argan oil - which is rich in vitamin E - and vegetable keratin, the shampoo hydrates and nourishes to leave hair softer, silky and glossy.

Blue Lavender Mask

Often left weaker and more prone to damage after treatments or colouring, the dye can strip hair of its natural moisture. Rich in both fatty acids and plants oils, the Blue Lavender Mask helps repair the hair cuticle leaving strands glossy and colour revived. Formulated with Argan oil, linseed extract and vegetable keratin, the mask nourishes, hydrates and protects the hair.

The Treatment

White Moss Nourishing Hair Perfume

The perfect choice for those colouring-protecting days in-between shampooing, the White Moss Nourishing Hair Perfume not only freshens but nourishes. Formulated with a hydrolysed corn, wheat and soy protein complex chosen specifically for its hydrating and nourishing properties, the Hair Perfume is guaranteed to give your hair that extra boost. Also containing extracts of Green tea and Red grapevine, the hair perfume protects against external aggressors whilst leaving your hair pleasantly fragranced.

The White Moss Nourishing Hair Perfume by ACCA KAPPA

The White Moss Nourishing Hair Perfume by ACCA KAPPA


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