Men Should Have Soft Skin Too!
18 Sep

Men Should Have Soft Skin Too!

I once overheard two men talking. One jokingly told the other that his wife was seeing a 'younger man with softer skin' as of late. To my surprise, a few minutes later I realized that this "younger man" he was referring to was his three-month old son. 

That conversation got me thinking. I was raised in a traditional family with a stay at home mom and a hardworking father so I always thought men’s skin should be a little rough as to portray a man’s ability to perform hard labor and therefore provide for his family. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

There is something about men with soft and smooth skin that makes them more attractive. Most women will confirm that coming home to a warm hug from their man with a soft skin can be as helpful as a massage after a hard-day's work.

Women love to be touched and hugged by the men they love. And although they may not tell you, your soft and smooth skin could be the one thing that makes your touch and your presence irresistible.

The good news is that there are a lot of easy-to-do options available today to get you that soft skin women may even be envious of.

But, before we dive into tips and steps to get you a soft skin, let me start by letting you know some basic facts about a man's skin. 

  • High collagen in men's skin makes it about 20% thicker and tighter than women's.
  • Men’s skin collagen drops faster with age than that of women’s.
  • Men’s skin tends to be oilier due to higher sebum production.
  • Men tend to sweat more due to more active sebaceous glands and greater number of pores.
  • Men’s skin is more prone to impurities and acne.
  • A man’s facial skin cells are likely damaged due to regular shaving. As a result, your skin becomes more reactive to skin disease

Now, let's look at a few tips to help you get a softer skin.

Regular Clean Close Shaving
It is undeniable that getting regular clean close shaving using high quality shaving products is very important as they can help soothe and repair damaged skin. If you are a razor type, your razor blades should be sharp enough to cut hairs while preserving skin cells and natural oils.

Use Face Wash
You may be tempted to use bar soap and water on your face to clean it but regular soaps aren't gentle enough for your face. Instead, use a mild face wash to clean your face or Acca Kappa's Vegetable Based Soaps.

Apply Sunscreen
You may be thinking sunscreen is for women. Well, that is not so. Too much sun exposure will get your skin to burn and age faster. Make sure you have some sunscreen handy if you are going to spend time in the sun.

Treat Acne Fast
As you age, you are slightly more prone to acne. The problem with some men is that they never treat their acne properly. It is important to use the right shaving and moisturizing products for your skin that will not make your acne prone skin worse.

Apply Body Lotion Daily
Applying body lotion after showering of before going to bed at night is key. It is undeniable that applying body lotion daily and especially before going to bed can help keep your skin smooth throughout the next day. Make sure to use a high quality body lotions like these from Acca Kappa that do not contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin.

Scrub Your Feet Before Showering
The sole of the feet and the toes get dry and hard with time. And truth be told, women do not like feeling dry, cracked, feet touch their carefully cared for skin. 

Regularly soaking feet in a hot salt and water bath for 10 minutes followed by a scrub with pumice stone and Acca Kappa's Moisturizing Shower Gels can take care of your feet.

Use Hand Cream

Last but not least, as much as women love the warm touch of a man’s hands, they do not enjoy it when it feels like there are receiving an exfoliation treatment rather than a soft caress. Use a fast absorbing like Acca Kappa's Fast Absorbing Hand Creams twice a day and reapply before seeing your loved one.

Now that you know that soft skin for men is achievable and desired. Try some (or all) of the tips above and you might just find that your sweetheart can’t get enough of you!

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