7 Easy Tips To Decorate Your Home For Spring
13 Apr

7 Easy Tips To Decorate Your Home For Spring

Spring is the season of renewal, and as the Earth shakes off its winter chill, spring flowers and plants literally leap to life. One day the landscape looks desolate and barren, and then, suddenly, daffodils, tulips, and even cactus flowers emerge. When an abundance of cheerful blooms as well as an infinite number of shades of green take over, it’s hard to resist the impulse to redecorate your work or home environment as well.

We’re not immune to those impulses either, so here are a few ways we’re decorating for spring.

Perk Up Your Kitchen and Dining Table with Decorative Glass

From turquoise tumblers to violet vases, colored glass always has a joyful appeal. Consider adding a decorative platter or sculpture to your kitchen table or spring for a new set up glassware in a happy hue. Glass reflects the light, and its transparency gives an airy quality to any décor.

Treat Yourself to a Floral Coffee Mug or Spring-Themed Water Bottle

Adding a floral element to your workspace doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you’re a hot beverage drinker, swap out your usual mug for something a bit more cheerful. Or, if you’re more inclined to tote a BPA-free water bottle or flask around, pick up a new one in a cheerful floral or foliage print with yellow, green, or turquoise hues.

Beautify Your Bathroom with New Trending Colors

Put away those warm-toned winter towels. Now’s the time for bright cheery colors, and you can quickly makeover your bathroom with new linen and accessories. White and gray continue to trend in cabinetry, and colored accessories bring life to this neutral palette. Try adding a set of sky blue towels, a marble vanity tray, and a set of battery-operated flameless candles to your countertop for an easy revamp with a serene feel.

Switch to the Softer Side of the Color Spectrum

Nothing says spring quite like pastels. Soft shades of blue, green, pink, and yellow replace darker hues and add life to a white color palette. Slip into bed with a crisp set of pastel sheets and your favorite pillow mist, and you’ll drift off to dreamland with ease. Pastels also pair perfectly with their darker companions, so you don’t need to change the entire color scheme just to lighten it up for the season.

Pamper Your Guests with Scented Soap

Decorating a guest bathroom can be tricky. You want your guests to feel pampered, but you also need to ensure your family likes the room as well. Choose a hand wash and companion bar soaps that complement one another. These best-selling White Moss Soap and Liquid Hand Wash are delicately scented, perfect for sensitive skin, and leave your hands and body feeling soothed and moisturized.

Steep Your Surroundings in Springtime Scents

For an instant pick-me-up, add a fragrance diffuser to your home or office space. Diffusers provide long-lasting aromatherapy without being overpowering because the reeds gradually draw the fragrance upward from the glass bottle. The simple act of walking by a diffuser is enough to move the air around the reeds, so they release their fragrance. Choose a scent that makes you feel happy, calm, invigorated, or relaxed. Our writer’s favorite is Green Mandarin because it reminds her of the blooming orange groves near her childhood home.  

Don’t Forget the Flowers

If you’re lucky enough to have blossoms in your garden, be sure to bring a bouquet inside to enjoy. Fresh flowers scent the air and instantly improve an empty counter or drab desk. And if you like the idea of having flowers indoors year-round, opt for silk versions instead. A single tulip or a glass full of faux hydrangeas brightens any room instantly.


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