4 Great Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Like Fall
14 Oct

4 Great Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Like Fall

Even though autumn has only just begun, store shelves are stocked with everything for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pumpkin spice everything abounds, but if you’re dealing with summer-like temperatures, it can be hard to start thinking about a roaring fire, hot cocoa, and wearing anything with sleeves. One way to jumpstart your seasonal transition is to start bringing autumnal touches into your home. Here are four of our favorites.

Warm Up Your Neutrals

Bright white towels, sheets, throw blankets, and pillows are always in style, and adding a few warmer, neutral tones is a good way to keep your home from looking stark. Cream, ivory, beige, and taupe are perfect neutrals, and as the season progresses, you can swap out the lightest shades in favor of richer autumnal hues. Try adding them in small touches, like with hand towels and throw pillows. Your home will still feel bright, airy, and balanced.

Turn Your Shower into a Seasonal Experience

Bath bombs turn tub soaking into an aromatherapy experience, but what if you’re not a bath kind of person? Welcome to the world of shower steamers. These little baking soda-based cubes contain essential oil, and when they get wet, the scent fills the shower. You can easily make these at home, and if you like to switch out the scents, simply mix up the tablets in advance and add a few drops of essential oil before you use them.

To complete the experience, choose a skin-nourishing bar soap in a complementary scent. Waking up on dark mornings can be tough, but scented soaps, like warm, spicy Sandalwood or sweet, herbal Juniper & White Fir can help you clear away mental fog and feel a bit more spirited.

Use Gourds and Natural Elements as Accents

Jack-o-lanterns aren’t the only thing you can do with pumpkins. They make beautiful long-lasting accents for your kitchen or dining table. Multi-colored gourds give a room an instant fall feeling, as do baskets of freshly picked apples. Mix and match fall foliage and natural elements, like unscented pinecones and willowy tree branches with softer shades of white and tan for a natural, yet welcoming palette.

Switch Up Your Home Fragrance

It might be too early to break out the cinnamon-scented pinecones, but warm seasonal scents can mentally shift your mood into a calmer, nostalgic state. If you enjoy the outdoors in autumn as well as its warm earthy and smoky scents, try our new Home Fragrance Discovery Set.  It includes warm, spicy Amber & Sandalwood as well as White Fig & Cedar, which evokes the sensation of a fresh Mediterranean breeze with cedar and green, fleshy fig.

If warm baking spice scents, like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves are more your style, create a simmer pot with ingredients from the grocery store. Try mixing apple slices with cinnamon sticks and citrus peels in a pot of water on your stove. As the water simmers, the fragrance will fill your home naturally. You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus, ginger, frankincense, or clove essential oil to your home’s furnace filter. Each time the system turns on, the scent will be lightly diffused.

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