Beauty Tap | 2021
21 May

Beauty Tap | 2021

Acca Kappa’s game-changing, elegant hairbrushes deserve your immediate attention. 

Ask any artisan if tools make a difference in the final result – especially hair – and you’ll hear a resounding chorus of, “Absolutely.” Given the opportunity, most people would prefer to use hair tools that are gentle, effective, and beautiful. Acca Kappa’s brushes fulfill all three requirements. Predominantly hand-crafted with the finest quality materials available, these artisan products from Treviso, Italy are the result of extensive research and collaboration with top stylists. If you appreciate products with a refined elegance that have garnered the praise of even British royalty, you need to experience Acca Kappa.

 Acca Kappa’s Boar & Nylon Bristles Brush is designed to be used on all hair types.

A Tale of Survival 

In an age of disposability and continuous new launches, the Acca Kappa story stands apart from the crowd. The quality of its products is but the tip of the iceberg because Acca Kappa has been striving for excellence for more than 150 years, theirs is a tale of innovation, survival, and perseverance. 

In 1869, Acca Kappa’s founder, Herman Krüll, was importing boar hair from China and Europe for brush makers. When a client in northern Italy could no longer pay his debts, he paid Krüll with a share of the company and ultimately entrusted him with the entire factory. Krüll combined German precision with Italian mastery, and Acca Kappa’s brushes – many receiving the “God Save the Queen” inscription – gained loyal customers who used them for the horses in the Royal British Scudery.

Acca Kappa fell victim to both World War I in 1917 and World War II in 1943, but the company sprang to life again in the 1950s and now has an international reputation for excellence. From Milan to New York, Acca Kappa’s affordable luxury products, including bath and body products, are a testament to their “multi-generational legacy of craftsmanship” and faithful commitment to timeless values. Their hero products include a White Moss Eau de Cologne, Eau de Parfum, Shower Gel, and Body Lotion as well as a luxurious brush you must behold to believe.

When Is A Brush More Than A Brush? 

Simply put, when it’s an Acca Kappa pneumatic brush. Pneumatic brushes have a few common features:

  • The bristle composition often includes wood, boar’s hair, or a mixture of natural hair and other materials.
  • The bristles are suspended in a raised rubber cushion with air underneath, so that each stroke is gentle yet efficient.
  • The cushion pad usually has a single hole in it to allow the pad to flex and the air to escape during each stroke, which reduces pressure on the individual strands. 

Acca Kappa’s brush contains both boar’s hair and nylon bristles, and it takes some serious looking to find that air hole (which is about three bristles down from the top on mine).  

 Acca Kappa Boar & Nylon Bristles Brush

A Marriage of Beauty and Functionality

 Acca Kappa’s brush handle is crafted from Kotibé Wood from trees that grow in the forests in the Congo Basin of Gabon. The deep reddish-brown hue makes for an attractive addition to your vanity, and the wavy, flat-topped handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand for extended periods of time. Trust me when I say that this brush will make you want to sit in front of the mirror for several minutes if you have medium to long hair. 

 The Brush You Need to Experience

 If you’ve never used a boar’s hairbrush, your scalp is in for a real awakening. Most nylon bristle brushes, while great for detangling, do an inadequate job of distributing your scalp’s natural oils down the length of the hair shaft. Acca Kappa’s brush utilizes boar hair and nylon bristles, which benefit both the scalp and the individual hairs themselves. The bristles are mounted in a natural rubber cushion, which mitigates the pressure when brushing so that the action is gentle and effective. This brush is also beneficial for all hair types, from fine and flat to curly, kinky and frizzy. 

 I’ve been using this brush for well over a month and carry it to my desk and everywhere else I go. Why does that matter? Because I haven’t carried a hairbrush with me since high school, but the experience of brushing my hair with this brush is soothing, invigorating, and an honest-to-goodness delight. Priced at a very reasonable $58 for this level of an Italian-made, luxurious brush, it’s no wonder it consistently flies off the shelves.

 Get Ready for a Healthier Scalp and More Lustrous Locks

Good hair days go hand in hand with a proper scalp care routine. The Acca Kappa bristles sweep dead skin cells away while invigorating the scalp and improving blood circulation. No synthetic-bristled brush can do that. You may also notice that you need less dry shampoo on no-wash days because the natural bristles distribute the oils along the hair shaft, making the hair look shinier in the process. Finally, if your scalp tends to get itchy from other brushes, you will likely notice a decrease in discomfort while using this game-changing Acca Kappa brush as well. 

So … what are you waiting for?

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