Veneto, Acca Kappa, and the Bounty of Italy
09 Sep

Veneto, Acca Kappa, and the Bounty of Italy

Ever wonder about life in Italy and the things that the creators at Acca Kappa draw inspiration from? The food, art, culture, wine, and architecture in the Veneto region constantly enthrall us, and as we celebrate our 153rd anniversary, we thought you’d enjoy a virtual tour of some of the region’s highlights.

Indulge in the Culinary Delights of Venice 

While romantic gondola rides may spring to mind when thinking of Venice, you’d be remiss if you failed to enjoy a traditional Italian meal here on your visit. A multi-course meal often begins with antipasti – tiny morsels that whet your appetite for what’s to come. For light eaters, pastas take center stage in the primi (first) course, and proteins steal the show in the secondi (second) course. Because of Venice’s proximity to the Adriatic Sea, you’ll find abundant meal options featuring fresh seafood as either the main attraction or blended into the complementary sauce. No meal would be complete without dessert, so save room for fritoe, a sweetened, fried donut topped with sprinkled sugar; or baicoli, coffee’s favorite dunking biscuit, eaten either by itself or accompanied by mascarpone, a sweet mixture of eggs, sugar, and a triple-crème similar to cream cheese).

The Art and Culture of Treviso 

Considered one of the lesser known gems in the Veneto region, Treviso is home to Acca Kappa and offers a refreshingly relaxed environment for travelers exhausted by the tourism in nearby Venice. Its cobbled streets and man-made canals beckon to those needing a restorative respite with unique opportunities for immersion and exploration. Religious artwork adorns the interior of the Roman Catholic Treviso Cathedral, and archaeological artifacts await viewing at the nearby Museo Diocesano. And if you’re curious about the origins of Prosecco and tiramisu, Treviso should be on your go-to list.

The Grape Bounty of Veneto

Enophiles (wine lovers) delight in Veneto’s famous wine regions that produce 8 million hectoliters (or 211 million gallons) of wine each year. Vineyards dot the landscape and Lake Garda shore as well as the Mantua hillsides and the Dolomites. The diverse topography allows viticulturists to cultivate both white and red varietals, including the prestigious Amarone della Valpolicella – a rich, red wine known for its natural appassimento dehydration process, which intensifies the flavors and concentrates the sugars.

Explore the Architecture of Verona 

Even if you weren’t an English major in school, you probably remember at least one of Shakespeare’s plays, most notably Romeo and Juliet. The tragic love story is set in the northeastern city of Verona. Located between Venice and Milan, Verona is home to many historical sites, including Juliet’s House, which includes the famous balcony where Juliet declares her love for Romeo in one of the most memorable soliloquys of all time. To get a bird’s eye view of the whole of Verona as well as nearby Piazza delle Erbe (the square of herbs) that functioned as the town forum during the Roman Empire, venture to the top of Lamberti Tower.

We’re proud of our heritage and hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Acca Kappa’s surroundings. For your loyalty throughout the years, we say grazie. We wouldn’t be here without you!

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