The Best Self-Care Gifts In 2021
07 Dec

The Best Self-Care Gifts In 2021

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn to those we love and share time with throughout the year. The people on your gift list have diverse interests, which means thinking creatively before you make a purchase. To make your shopping a little easier, we’ve compiled a list based on many of the types of people in our own lives. We hope you find these recommendations helpful.

 Gifts For the Avid Traveler

If your holiday guests travel from out of town, you can make their experience more pleasurable by gifting items that help them sail through security before boarding the plane. TSA guidelines prohibit liquid items in excess of 3.4 ounces in carry-on baggage. Give your loved ones a travel-sized version of our best-selling White Moss Moisturizing Shampoo or Conditioner. It’s TSA-friendly, fits perfectly in that requisite quart-sized Ziploc bag, and will help keep hair nourished and protected during drying airline flights. Bonus: The unisex scent makes it perfect for men and women alike.

Gifts For the Gym Enthusiast

Know someone who frequents the gym or has a purse full of grooming necessities? Treat them to a travel-sized beechwood brush for touch-ups on the go. These beauties may be smaller than their full-sized siblings, but the craftsmanship and quality is 100% the same. Bonus: They’re especially good for children and pre-teens because the bristles are gentle on the scalp and naturally anti-static.

Gifts For The Well-Groomed Man

Raise your hand if you find shopping for men tremendously difficult. Instead of resorting to the typical, yet less enthusiastically received gifts like sweaters and ties, give your male companions hair or beard care items they’ll be proud to use. Many men decide to keep their Movember facial hair, and our specialty products for mustaches and beards cleanse, condition, and soften hair without irritating the skin. Our gift set even includes a handsome African wenge wood beard brush to detangle coarse beard hair and distribute its natural oils for a smooth, polished appearance.

Gifts For the Fragrance Lover

Do you have someone in your life that loves trying new fragrances or changes them up throughout the year? Picking a full-size parfum can be risky, which is why travel-size fragrances are so popular during the holidays. We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing a fragrance by including the top, heart, and base notes for each one in its description. Consider our Vaniglia Parfum for your female friends who appreciate complex gourmand fragrances, especially vanilla, amber, and tonka bean. And for that certain someone who enjoys spicy oriental blends of bergamot and amber, MyScent 150 Unisex Parfum is the perfect choice.

Gifts For the Eco-Conscious Client or Coworker

Few things are as challenging as selecting a holiday gift for a coworker. You want to give something thoughtful but not too personal. As a rule, travel hair brushes leave a lot to be desired, but our Biodegradable Pneumatic Travel Hair Brushes are beautiful and earth-friendly. We offer them in both ivory and jade green, so they’ll look lovely in a gym bag, purse, or vanity. Made from vegetable cellulose, these stylish, vegan detanglers stimulate the scalp and are both recyclable and biodegradable.

Gifts to Pamper Your Neighbors, Guests, and Friends

Have you ever noticed how busy body care shops are during the holiday season? That’s because these essentials make great gifts for just about anyone on your list. From unexpected guests to your BFF, spontaneous gift giving calls for items with universal appeal. Softly scented shower gels cleanse, refresh, and rejuvenate the body after a long day of celebrating, and body lotions soothe winter weary skin by wrapping it in a veil of subtle fragrance while nourishing, moisturizing, and protecting it from the elements.

Gifts For the Consummate Hostess

It’s bad form to show up empty-handed to a holiday gathering, but what do you give to the hostess who seems to have it all? Home items never go unappreciated, especially when they enrich a room with a subtle, refreshing waft of fragrance. All of our diffusers – Green Mandarin, White Moss, and Mandarin & Green Tea – are year-round favorites because of their universal appeal. The elegant bottles are finely crafted by Murano glass, a world-renowned artisan glass company. Each one is topped with a handsome beechwood collar and looks right at home in any room. Include a handwritten note thanking your host for a memorable gathering, and the refreshing scents will remind him or her of you for weeks to come. Tip: The glass bottles can be upcycled as flower vases, cotton swab holders, or even filled with colorful sand.

Gifts For the Artisan

Shopping for someone with impeccable taste means selecting a gift that is refined, luxurious, and stylish. Our Boar Bristle Brushes offer so much more than just a means to an end. Each one is handcrafted from a single piece of African Kotibé wood and polished to perfection. Whether full-size or down-sized for travel, each of these creations makes hair brushing more than a task – it becomes an experience. Reviewers give our brushes five stars and rave about the way they improve scalp health and bring out the natural shine in their locks. Give one of these to someone you want to remember you fondly, like your mom or best friend. And feel free to tuck the accompanying Brush Cleaner into their stocking as well. This is a gift to be treasured for years to come.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Acca Kappa!

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