Mother’s Day Gift Guide
15 Apr

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

How well do you know your mom? If you’re like most of us, chances are you think you understand the woman who raised you pretty well. But you might only know her as a parent – not as a person. It’s time to gain a better understanding of the most important woman in your life. And we can help!

This Mother’s Day, don’t settle for the typical beauty supplies on every retail shelf in America. Instead, gift your mom something unforgettable. Treat her to a self-care product that’s all her own, using our list of 8 different personality types below.

The Elegant Woman

For the woman that puts class and sophistication in everything she does. You’ll never catch her outside of the home in anything less than her best dress, and her composed demeanor is both comforting and commanding. Treat her to a fragrance that’s cultivated as she is, with any one of our products from the Calycanthus collection.

The Refined Woman

She knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to show it. Her tastes are refined and particular, subtle enough to be loved by all but intricate enough to remain exclusively hers. Underscore the authority and specificity of her exquisite tastes with an indulgent moisturizer from the White Moss collection.

The Classical Woman

This woman isn’t one for change. She discovers something that makes her happy and sticks to it, embracing it as a part of what makes her who she is. No matter the occasion or audience, you can be sure she’ll forever lean into her genuine and authentic disposition. Reward her resolve with a timeless luxurious soap from ACCAA KAPPA.

The Spiritual Woman

Her focus and poise are remarkable in every way. She seems at a glance to be one with her soul and the earth, always at peace and assured. Some might call her bohemian. We call her enlightened. Share an all-natural experience with her through the Mandarin and Green tea collection.

The Health-Conscious Woman

While she isn’t afraid to live, she is also cautious. This remarkable woman believes in living a clean, well life, and believes the key to success is all about taking care of one’s body. Encourage her pursuit of healthy living with ACCA KAPPA fluoride and sulfate free dental and skin care.

The Stylish Woman

Appearance and maintaining a put-together aesthetic are of the utmost importance to her. A bad hair day is more than an inconvenience, it is a showstopper. For the woman that cares deeply about her image and the power it holds, provide her the tools she needs to nail a flawless look each and every day with premium hair brushes and hair care products from ACCA KAPPA.

The Radiant Woman

Kindness and warmth emanate from every pore of her generous soul. Everyone she meets instantly yearns for a friendship, intuitively understanding the incredible quality of the woman before them. Show how much you appreciate her confidence and care with uplifting scents from the Sakura collection.

The Practical Woman

Femininity to her means looking and smelling good on her terms. She has no concern for public perception and employs a pragmatic approach to beauty. Hygiene is her number one priority. Glitz and glamor are secondary. Gift her self-care products that cleanse deeply with a neutral, non-overpowering aroma with products from the Green Mandarin collection.


No matter the type of personality your mother happens to be, ACCA KAPPA has the beauty supplies she needs to show off the most genuine version of herself. Choose from any of our collections this Mother’s Day and give your mother a gift that helps her shine.

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