7 Mother’s Day Gifts and Ideas to Make Mom’s Day Meaningful
05 May

7 Mother’s Day Gifts and Ideas to Make Mom’s Day Meaningful

Most people agree that the COVID-19 pandemic made us appreciate our loved ones more. Living through lockdowns and Zoom holidays gives this Mother’s Day more significance than in years past. Breakfast in bed, candy, flowers, and greeting cards are a great way to get mom’s special day off to a strong start. Here are seven more Mother’s Day ideas that feel especially appropriate for 2022.

#1 Mother’s Day Brunch

Taking mom out for a nice celebratory brunch complete with mimosa and someone else washing the dishes is still an all-time favorite in our book. Now that restaurants are open again, enjoy an indoor dining adventure by having brunch at your mom’s favorite restaurant. And ask the dining room or banquet manager to take a photo of you to share on social media. You can even go old-school and have it printed and framed for mom’s wall.

#2 Mother’s Day Spa Treatments

Moms put everyone else ahead of themselves, which is why Mother’s Day is the perfect day for treating them to some serious self-care. Does mom stand all day? Have her hands taken a beating thanks to increased washing and sanitizing? Share some quality time with her while you both enjoy a mani/pedi. Masked-up moms also benefit from facials. Maskne is a real thing, and a qualified aesthetician can help restore mom’s youthful glow. And don’t forget about the massage. Make it a day out or bring the services right to mom’s door by hiring a mobile professional. Round out the experience by giving mom a new nail brush or body lotion to use at home.

#3 Enjoy an Outdoor Event

We’ve all spent too much time indoors since 2020, so take mom out for some sunshine. Baseball season’s underway and festivals abound. Consider buying concert tickets, so your mom can enjoy her favorite performer. If scouring the local flea markets or antique shops suits your mom’s style more, spend the day looking for treasures and talking about how mom’s passion originated.

#4 Book a Hair Makeover

Scroll through your social media feeds, and you’ll likely see that a lot of people tried DIY options when their hair professionals were out of commission. Tell mom to put down the scissors and drop the dye. It’s time for a hair makeover by a professional. Cap off the experience with a bottle of hair perfume or a Color Care product that protects her glorious new hue.

#5 Take a Class Together

When was the last time you learned something new? What about your mom? Since in-person teaching has resumed in most communities, take advantage and enroll in a class together. If mom loves cooking, sign up to learn about a new cultural dish or pastry technique. Aside from working side-by-side to create something, you can indulge in the tasty results.

#6 Interview Your Mom

We don’t always ask our parents about their lives, but as time passes, memories fade. Capture more than just photos of your mom; learn about her life before, during, and after your birth. Write a list of questions and tape your interview (with mom’s permission, of course). Audio and video recordings don’t have to be fancy to be meaningful, and hearing your mom actually talk about herself is a great way to elevate your memento collection.

#7 Sow Some Seeds

Our moms help us grow strong and thrive, and one way to honor your mom’s efforts is to plant something together. Check out your local nursery for varietal recommendations. And if gardening isn’t your strong suit, choose a mature plant or tree instead of starting from seed. With a little water, light, and luck, you’ll be able to chart the years and your special bond in a truly natural way.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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