6 Easy Things to Positively Impact Climate Change
17 Mar

6 Easy Things to Positively Impact Climate Change

How much time do you spend thinking about your personal impact on the planet? Most of us don’t think about climate change on a daily basis, but we’re all aware that our actions have both positive and negative effects on the world we live in. Leave a leftover sandwich in a Styrofoam container for a week in a hot car, and you’ll quickly understand that greenhouse gas is a real thing.


When pondering your carbon footprint, the simplest actions can make a difference. These six suggestions are easy to implement, and they can save you money as well.

#1 Change Up Your Transportation Habits 

A car may be an absolute necessity in some communities, but if you can limit the number of times you drive yours each week, you’ll save on gasoline and reduce emissions simultaneously. Try carpooling with a colleague or using local mass transit options, too. Any time you leave your car at home, you’ll be making a difference.

#2 Choose LED Light Bulbs 

If you’re still using incandescent or halogen light bulbs, now’s the time to switch to LEDs. New energy legislation for 2023 limits light bulb production of these less efficient bulbs. And when the supply runs out, it won’t be replenished. On the very bright side, though, LED bulbs use a fraction of the energy of a standard bulb. New LEDs illuminate as brightly as incandescent 60-watt bulbs and use only 8–9 watts of energy. You’ll spend less money on your monthly energy bills, and the bulbs also last longer, so you won’t be disposing of them as frequently. Win-win!

 #3 Support Sustainability 

In all your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint, remember that your purchasing power is huge. Companies that source sustainable goods and manufacture using biodegradable components are taking steps to ensure that they play a role in reducing climate change. Acca Kappa’s Biodegradable Collection includes high quality personal care brushes that are made from vegetable cellulose-derived bio acetate resin. They’re proof that you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to have a positive impact on the environment.

 #4 Donate, Don’t Dispose 

Sometimes, our wants exceed our needs, and we end up with extra sheets, towels, clothing, and household items that still have life left in them. Instead of tossing unwanted personal items into the trash, drop them off at a local thrift store. Many charitable organizations will even schedule home pickup for large items, like furniture, and you may be able to get a tax benefit for your generosity.

 #5 Lower Your Laundry Temperature 

How much of your laundry gets washed in cold water? You’d probably be surprised to learn that “75 to 90 percent of all the energy your washer uses goes to warming up the water.” With the right detergent, you can still get your clothes clean while also reducing energy usage (and, again, saving you money).

 #6 Reduce Food Waste 

Groceries are expensive, and discovering moldy bread or rotten produce in your fridge can kill your appetite and your wallet. When food decomposes in a landfill, methane is produced. But you can stop that greenhouse gas from wafting into the atmosphere by simply being vigilant about composting unwanted food or limiting what you buy each time you shop. It never makes sense to buy in bulk if you can’t consume everything before it goes bad.

 A Closing Thought

One of the least expensive ways to make a real difference in climate change is to be part of the conversation. According to a 2019 Yale Climate Change report, “More than half of Americans think global warming is mostly human-caused.” With a population expected to exceed 9 billion people by 2050, the actions we take today will impact the future. Support companies that are making a difference and help those around you by voicing your concerns to local leadership. By taking conscious measures to understand your connection to climate change, you can ensure the legacy you leave will be one of positivity and hope.

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