4 Great Places to Visit this Spring
01 Feb

4 Great Places to Visit this Spring

After a long, cold winter, the spring (or vernal) equinox marks the emergence of flowers and foliage on a once barren landscape. As these tiny hints of life lift their leafy heads up to the sun, so, too, do many of us as we prepare for more time outdoors. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, embrace March 20, 2023 and the beginning of days with more abundant sunlight by visiting one of these great places.

Explore Your Own Backyard

How much do you know about where you live? Most of us put down roots but spend our lives missing out on most of the amenities our towns and cities offer. A quick search on Trip.com can reveal all kinds of adventures and outdoor gems that you didn’t even know existed. Go to the “attractions” page, type in your zip code, and you might discover a zoo, national park, aerial tramway, or botanical garden just a few miles from your home.  

Head to the Desert

If your local desert received more rain than usual this past winter, you may be surprised by how beautiful the landscape is this spring. In Southern California, the Anza-Borrego Desert is often home to what’s known as a Super Bloom after a rainy winter. In addition to cactus blossoms, you’ll find golden desert sunflowers and milky white evening primrose blossoms filling the sandy landscape with color. Pack up the car and head to a nearby campsite to catch both early morning and evening bloomers in all their glory. Tip: Visit your destination’s website to see how much rain it received and what’s currently in bloom.

Go for a Hike … Up a Volcano

Spring is a great time to dust off your hiking boots and get away from it all, especially if your schedule includes a trip to Italy. One must-do adventure that we highly recommend in spring is hiking the Gran Cono Trail to the top of Mount Vesuvius – one of the most well-known volcanoes in the world. It may sound like something you’d need to train for, but it’s actually a relatively easy 2.5 mile walk with minimal elevation gain. Expect to witness the most amazing view of the Bay of Naples as well as the volcanic crater itself in a two-hour visit. And if your schedule and athleticism allow, there are 11 additional trails ranging in difficulty at the Vesuvius National Park, so you can experience even more of the natural flora, fauna, and wildlife.

Take in a Little Training

Say “spring” to a baseball fan, and you’re likely to hear the word “training” after it. Spring marks the return of baseball, at least for those lucky enough to visit either Arizona or Florida. Spring Training starts in late February, and it makes a great destination vacation for singles as well as families. Ticket prices are reasonable, and you’ll get a chance to sit closer to the field and even meet your favorite players in these more informal settings. What could be more inspiring than seeing your beloved team embark on a year filled with hope and potential? Isn’t that the epitome of spring?

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